Kitty Israel in Faustus

‘…wonderfully liquid and ornate language, which is a pleasure to hear delivered by such artful talents.’

-Sean Leary, Quad-City Times

Jarrod DeRooi and Tracy Skaggs in Coriolanus

‘The fight scenes are quite impressive as the actors utilize every inch of the multilevel stage.’

-Stephanie De Pasquale, Quad-City Times

Stephanie Burrough in Caesar

‘King Richard the Second was the most extraordinarily fine time I had at the theatre in 2006.’

-Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

Kris Skaggs in Antony & Cleopatra

‘The show doesn’t just have an emotional pull; it has an erotic pull.’

-Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

‘…technical brilliance balanced with solid acting.’

-David Burke, Quad-City Times

‘Eclectic, even ground-breaking staging…’

-Ruby Nancy, Quad-City Times

‘…there’s an encounter so heart-stoppingly strong…the single most effective stage moment I’ve witnessed all year.’

-Mike Schulz, River Cities’ Reader

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