How much there is to do, how little time to do it

The plan established in Season 16 for the remaining seasons brings in a mix of famous and lesser known shows. Some revisions to the plan, however, have been made or will be made: For example, The Two Noble Kinsmen will be re-scheduled later, as we were not able to include it in Season 16 after all. The Merry Wives of Windsor is now scheduled for Fall 2019.

Season 16

All’s Well that Ends Well
King John
The Two Noble Kinsmen

Season 17

Henry VIII
A Comedy of Errors
Double Falsehood


In 2006, Prenzie created the “Henriad”: Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V with the same actors in the same roles in each play. The “Henriad” was exceptional in Quad Cities theater. Now Prenzie extends this concept to include several additional plays – naming it the “Seasons of Discontent.” [Click here for more detail on “Seasons of Discontent.”]

Season 18: “Seasons of Discontent” Part 1

Edward III
Richard II
Henry IV (Parts I and II)

Season 19: “Seasons of Discontent” Part 2

Merry Wives of Windsor
Henry V
Henry VI (Parts I, II, and III)

Season 20: “Seasons of Discontent” Part 3

Richard III